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10 Weird Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

There’s a reason why it’s said that reality is stranger than fiction. The world may be a fairly fascinating place, with its impressive creations and natural curiosities. People and things can surprise you in delightful ways just when you think you’ve become too cynical and know it.

Do you want to know how long it would take to travel to the moon? Or where a quarter of your body’s bones are found? Or how do you refer to a nighttime rainbow? When you read through these interesting facts from throughout the world, you’ll learn all of this and more.

1. A Corporation Exists That Converts Dead Remains Into an Ocean Reef.

The company Eternal Reefs offers an interesting solution for individuals who romanticize a burial at sea. It combines a person’s cremated bones with concrete to form a “pearl” on which loved ones can etch personal messages, handprints, or (green) souvenirs.

The pearl is then enclosed in a “reef ball” and released into the water, where it creates new habitat for fish and other sea creatures, assisting in the development of a healthy ecosystem. At work, it’s all about the circle of life! Sign up for our daily email to have more trivia delivered right to your inbox.

2. A Misspelling Resulted in the Name “Bonobo.”

The prevalent name for apes, “bonobo,” may appear to be a translation of a significant term, but it was actually the consequence of a typo.

animals were first discovered in the 1920s in the town of Bolobo, Zaire, but the name of the town was misspelled “Bonobo” on the shipping container in which the animal was housed, prompting others to call the species by that name, which stuck.

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3. Each Year, There Is a Coffee Break Festival.

for millions of people, the coffee break is an important but frequently overlooked element of their daily routine. The town of Stoughton, Wisconsin, conducts an annual Coffee Break Festival to mark the occasion and honor the break.

There will be coffee tastings, “brew-offs,” and bean-spitting competitions at the event. Why did you choose Stoughton? The coffee break was “born” in the city in the late 1800s, according to city officials, when women working at the local Gunderson Tobacco Warehouse began the custom of halting during the workday to boil some coffee and have a chat.

4. A Flying Bicycle Is Available for Purchase.

British innovators John Foden and Yannick Read have created a bicycle that actually flies, which seems like something out of a science fiction novel. A folding bicycle plus a lightweight trailer with a biofuel-powered fan motor make up the XploreAir Paravelo.

The fan is turned by the motor and given enough runway, it may achieve speeds of up to 25 mph in the air and a height of 4,000 feet. While the creators were unable to accomplish their financial target to mass-produce enough XploreAirs for widespread distribution, they are now providing “bespoke manufacture” as an alternative.

5. Dolphins Sleep With One Eye Open When They Sleep.

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Dolphins are believed to be among the smartest animals in the world, probably due to their ability to save mental energy. Because they must always be on the lookout for predators, marine mammals have devised a clever mechanism that allows them to maintain partial consciousness while a portion of their brain sleeps.

Researchers investigated if this “half-sleep” affects the animals’ awareness during the day, but discovered that they remained as attentive and observant as before after five days of having their nocturnal alertness regularly evaluated.

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6. The first vacuum cleaners were horse-drawn.

One of the early vacuum cleaners was so huge that it had to be transported by horse-drawn carriage from house to house. Customers’ windows were broken, and a gas-powered engine provided the suction that sucked the dirt and trash into a glass container where passersby could marvel at the amount of filth coming from their neighbors’ homes.

7. The World’s Heaviest Padlock Weighs 916 Pounds.

The largest padlock in the world (according to Guinness World Records) is 56.8 inches tall, 41.3 inches wide, and 10.2 inches deep, and was created by a group of students and teachers at the Pavlovo Arts College in Russia. The entire lock, including the key, weighs 916 pounds. Obviously, whatever it’s guarding weights a lot more!

8. The Majority of What Pandas Eat Is Feces.

Pandas eat bamboo exclusively, which is likewise extremely difficult to digest. That means these cute animals need to eat roughly 30 pounds of the stuff every day to receive enough nutrition, and they defecate about half of what they eat (and even what they do digest is not especially easy on their gastrointestinal system). These guys should seriously consider changing their eating habits.

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9. Due to the Military, Mcdonald’s Offered Drive-through Service.

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The first McDonald’s drive-thru was erected in a restaurant in Sierra Vista, Arizona, near the military post of Fort Huachuca.

Military regulations prohibit soldiers from wearing their uniforms in public, and they weren’t about to change into civilian clothes just to grab a burger and rush back to base, so restaurant manager David Rich devised a solution: cut a hole in the wall so that military personnel could pick up their orders without having to exit their vehicle.

The idea soon gained popularity due to its convenience and simplicity.

10. Eggs Were a Phobia for Alfred Hitchcock.

The master of suspense, who terrorized audiences with films like Psycho and The Birds, was a homophobe, or someone afraid of eggs. In 1963, Alfred Hitchcock told an interviewer: “I’m terrified of eggs, but more than that, I despise them.

When you smash that white round item with no holes, within there’s that yellow round thing with no holes… Blood is a merry, bright red color. However, the yolk of an egg is a repulsive yellow color. It’s something I’ve never tried.”

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