Wombat Facts 


It’s not a joke: these creatures poop cubes! This, it seems, prevents the poop from rolling off the rocks or trees that they’ve identified as their area.

Form Of Defense

The predator can scratch and bite at the wombat’s behind as much as it wants, but the wombat’s steel buns will prevent it from suffering any serious injuries.

Closest Relative

While wombats look like short, stocky bears, they are marsupials, related to koalas and kangaroos


The three species are Bare-Nosed Wombat , Southern Hairy-nose , and Northern Hairy Nosed .

Wisdom Group

Wisdom is a collection of wombats. Wombats are known for leaving cube-shaped scat due to their long digestive process.

Heaviest Wombat

Patrick the Bare-nosed Wombat, who resided at Ballarat Wildlife Park, held the records for both the oldest wombat (he was 31 years old) and the heaviest wombat.

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