Whale Facts 

Largest Creatures

The Antarctic blue whale  is the world’s largest animal, weighing up to 400,000 pounds (about 33 elephants) and reaching a length of 98 feet.

Dolphin and whales 

In reality, dolphins are whales, or more specifically, members of the family of whales.Hold on, because this is going to get a little bit tricky.

Store Oxygen

In contrast to humans, whales’ bodies have been uniquely evolved to store oxygen in their blood and muscles rather than in their lungs.


After completing the journey that is now known to be the longest migration ever recorded for a mammal, a North Pacific grey whale has earned a place in the record books.

Largest Brains

The aye-brain aye’s is the size of a golf ball. The extinct Columbian mammoth had an 11-pound brain. An aye-brain aye’s is larger than a mammoth’s for its size.


Whales travel in groups. They interact and socialize through noises. Clicks, whistles, and pulsing cries are whale sounds. Clicks are used for navigating and detecting surroundings.

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