Sigourney Weaver Facts


Born on October 8, 1949, Susan Alexandra “Sigourney” Weaver is an American actress. Weaver, a significant figure in science fiction and popular culture.

Stage Name

She chose the name Sigourney from one of the “Great American Novels” and started using it when she was 13 years old.


Weaver reportedly developed a phobia of elevators after being left alone in them several times throughout her youth.

Such a Loser

Weaver acknowledged her own meekness and admitted in 2010 that she was “such a loser” in school while speaking to the Daily Mail.

Perform Stunts

Ridley Scott, the director of Alien, requested that Weaver perform all of her own stunts, and the tireless actress eagerly accepted the challenge.

Her Height

She seemed to have been singled out by her peers mostly because of her height, which as a teenager she was quite self-conscious about. Weaver was over 5’10.”

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