Goldie Hawn Facts 

Personal Legacy

Goldie Hawn has had a lot of romantic relationships over the course of her life. In May 1969, in Honolulu, Hawaii, she wed Gus Trikonis, a dancer turned filmmaker. They split up in April 1973, albeit the union did not last long.


She goes by the name Goldie. The unique name is a reference to her mother’s aunt, who she spoke about in 2008 on Inside the Actors Studio.


She essentially danced out of the womb. Thanks to the ballet and tap dancing lessons she began taking when she was 3 years old, Goldie’s love of dance began at a young age.

Left School

At American University, the future celebrity declared drama as her major, but it soon became apparent that she wasn’t cut out for conventional education.

Role As Juliet

She played Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in her debut performance. She was cast as Juliet in the renowned tragedy’s 1961 Virginia Shakespeare Company performance.


“GoGo” was the moniker her aunt gave her. She disclosed to Hoda and Kathie Lee in 2014 that her grandchildren now refer to her as “GoGo,” the moniker her aunt had initially given her.

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