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Facts About Tigers You Probably Didn’t Know

Tigers are frequently regarded as one of the most beautiful yet ferocious animals, and this may be one of the factors that contribute to their fascination. But tragically, they have gotten to the verge of being designated as endangered, thanks to human sloppiness and prudence.

I enjoy visiting wildlife sanctuaries as a nature lover with a particular interest in giant cats, but the issue remains: how well do I or we know about this unique animal? Other huge cat species are typically obscured by numerous misunderstandings, but maybe you’ll learn something about them from this site, where I’ve given some tiger facts. Spoiler alert: you probably already know some of the details, but what the hell!

1. Among all wild cats, tigers are the largest. You undoubtedly already heard that Royal Bengal Tigers are the largest wild cats on the planet, but did you realize that male Tigers may weigh up to 300 kilograms? Jeez! It’s the equivalent of weighing a group of six ordinary people. You’d be dead in an instant if they just sat on top of you licking their paws.

2. A strike from a Tiger may kill you. Though you have a pet Tiger and a nasty antagonist, you might as well send them for a fist battle, even if their physical size is immense. You can’t have a pet tiger, it’s against the law! One swipe from a Tiger’s front hand is reported to be enough to kill or break the bones of a human or an animal.

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3. Tigers are nocturnal animals. Although it is not true that all Tigers are nocturnal, they do prefer to do the majority of their hunting at night. This is due to the fact that tigers prefer to avoid human conflict during the day and patrol their territory at night.

4. Tiger cubs are blind when they are born, and only half of them survive. The most tragic aspect is that Tiger cubs are born blind, with just a few surviving. The newborn cubs can’t see anything, so they only follow their mother’s scent. They perish of hunger or cold since they are born blind and unable to keep up. Male Tigers will even consume some Tigresses to make them available for mating. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

5. Tigers enjoy swimming and water play. Unlike the domestic cats, its larger version prefers spending time in the water and they love to swim for hours. Female Tigers have encouraged or assisted in the learning of the art of hunting since they were cubs, and they can even kill in the water. Adults are known to be able to swim for several kilometers, with one reportedly swimming for 30 kilometers in a single day.

6. Tigers have a 25-year lifespan. Tigers live between 20 and 25 years, depending on whether they are maintained in captivity or released into the wild. Most, however, die before reaching the age of 20, like in the case of a nineteen-year-old Machli who died at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India. Flavel, a circus-rescued Tiger that was housed in a zoo in Tampa, Florida, was the oldest living Tiger at the time.

tiger facts

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7. A group of Tigers is dubbed an ambush or streak. When tigers are forced into unnatural settings such as sharing or staying put under specified locations in a man-made environment, they are referred to as ambush or streak; a Tigress with her kittens is also referred to as an ambush.

8. Tigers are capable of mating with other large cats. Tigers can also breed with other large cats; for example, if a male Tiger breeds with a female Lion, the resultant hybrid is known as a Tigon. They are the largest cat species and can grow to be larger than the Liger, a cross between a male lion and a female Tiger. A liger stands about 6 feet tall when standing on all four legs and about 4.5 feet tall when on all four legs.

Note: You may find Tigons in at least nine nations including the USA, Czech Republic, China, Iran, Russia, India, UAE, and Argentina. In Taiwan, tiger crossbreeding is prohibited.

9. Tigers’ saliva is antiseptic. Perhaps, a beneficial aspect of Tigers is that they have antiseptic saliva, so anytime you have a bruise and want to disinfect them, visit the doctor Tiger, just kidding! Typically, they will lick the affected region to prevent infection.

tiger facts

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10. Tigers can sprint at speeds of nearly 60 kilometers per hour. Tigers are not the fastest runners in the animal kingdom, but their muscular legs allow them to sprint at speeds of more than 60 kilometers per hour for short distances.

11. They have tiger stripes on their skin. Most people are unaware that most cat species have stripes on their fur as well as their skin. It is actually true that compared to human fingerprints, the distinctive pattern of stripes on Tigers acts like their identity. Even if the fur of Tigers or domestic cats were shaved off, the stripes would still be visible.

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