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42 of the Most Interesting Random Facts!

Because we value our spare time, we normally try to make the most of it. Eating, drinking, sleeping, repeating, and a lot of quizzing come to mind. We’re talking simple questions, difficult questions, true or false questions, and even specialized emoji rounds. And raise your hand if you’ve learned a tonne of random information from your friends in weekly Zoom chats over the last few years?

Is there anyone else? Yes? Here’s a list of weird and interesting to help you prepare for weekends full of family fortunes and boozy bar quizzes if you’ve become the glorified quiz master of lockdown. This dish is ideal for serving at your next dinner party.

42 of the Most Interesting Random Facts

Avocados are considered a fruit rather than a vegetable. Believe it or not, they’re classified as a single-seeded berry.

Due to thermal expansion, which occurs as the iron heats up, particles gain kinetic energy and take up more space, the Eiffel Tower can grow 15 cm taller in the summer.

The fear of tightly packed holes is known as trypophobia. “A dislike to the sight of uneven patterns or clusters of little holes or bumps,” to be precise. So no crumpets for them.

Australia is the size of the moon. The diameter of the moon is 3400 kilometers, while Australia’s diameter from east to west is over 4000 kilometers.

‘Mellifluous’ has a pleasingly smooth and melodious tone to it.

Touch was the original name of the Spice Girls’ band. “We were quite bland when we initially started [with the moniker Touch],” Mel C told The Guardian in 2018. “We felt compelled to fit into a box.”

The only part of the human body that cannot mend itself is the teeth. Enamel, which is not living tissue, coats the teeth.

In Switzerland, owning just one guinea pig is forbidden. Because they’re sociable beings who grow lonely, it’s considered animal mistreatment.

We ‘raise a toast’ because the Ancient Romans used to put a slice of toast into their wine for good health.

A shrimp’s heart is positioned in its head. They also have an open circulatory system, meaning they don’t have any arteries and their organs float freely in the blood.

When Amy Poehler took on the character of “cool mom” in Mean Girls, she was just seven years older than Rachel McAdams. Regina George was 25 years old, and her mother, Amy, was 32 years old.

In the shower, people are more inventive. When we take a warm shower, our dopamine levels rise, allowing us to be more creative.

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Kits are the young rabbits. Cute!

Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. It was reportedly chosen due to its Celtic mythological associations with power, chivalry, purity, and innocence.

On December 17, 1903, the first airplane took to the air. Wilbur and Orville Wright flew their first powered aircraft, dubbed the first airplane, four times near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Venus is the only planet that rotates in a clockwise direction. It rotates clockwise once every 243 days and travels around the sun once every 225 Earth days.

Nutmeg has a hallucinogenic effect. The spice includes myristicin, a natural chemical that, when consumed in excessive concentrations, produces mind-altering effects.

In 2018, a 73-year-old bottle of French Burgundy sold for $558,000 (about £439,300), making it the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold at auction. Sotheby’s auctioned a bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti for more than 17 times its original estimate of $32,000.

Art competitions were once an Olympic sport. International athletic events granted prizes for music, painting, sculpture, and architecture between 1912 and 1948. It’s a shame it didn’t catch on since Ghost’s famous pottery scene could have earned an Olympic medal and an Academy Award for outstanding script.

There are 100 pleats in a chef’s hat. It appears to be a representation of the 100 different ways to boil an egg. I’m curious if Gordon Ramsay is aware of this.

There was a Tinder match in Antarctica in 2014. A man working at the United States Antarctic McMurdo Station and a lady camping a 45-minute helicopter trip away met on a worldwide dating app in the most remote corner of the planet. What are the possibilities?!

There are no words in the Spanish national song. The ‘Marcha Real,’ along with those of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and San Marino, is one of only four national anthems in the world without official lyrics.

The act of eating when you’re not hungry because your mouth is lonely is known as ‘Kuchi zamishi’ in Japanese. This is something we do all the time.

One in two million is said to be the odds of finding a blue lobster. Lobsters that are bright blue have a genetic defect that leads them to manufacture more of a certain protein than other lobsters.

Only one letter is absent from any state name in the United States. In Arizona, there’s a Z, and in Texas, there’s an X, but no Q.

Andy Warhol was the inspiration for Louboutin’s distinctive red soles. The famed designer was inspired by the 60s pop artist drawing Flowers, which gave him the idea to include the notorious sole into his creations.

Marcel Proust’s book ‘A la recherche du temps perdu’ has an estimated 9,609,000 characters, making it the world’s longest book. “Remembrance of Things Past” is the title, which translates to “Remembrance of Things Past.”

After Jennifer Lopez wore her notorious outfit at the 2000 Grammy Awards, Google Images was born. Because there were so many people looking for her dress, the search engine developed an image feature.

Big Ben’s clock stopped ticking at 10:07 p.m. on May 27, 2005, most likely due to a scorching 31.8°C temperature.

Most Academy Awards are presently held by Walt Disney. Over the course of his career, Disney was nominated for 59 Oscars and won 26 of them.

There is a fruit that has a chocolate pudding flavor. Is it possible for us to participate in this? According to reports, there is a fruit called black sapote that tastes like chocolate and sweet custard and is native to Central and South America.

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Queen Elizabeth II has a mechanical background.

When she was 16, the Queen enrolled in the British Labour Exchange and studied the fundamentals of truck repair. She appears to be capable of repairing both tires and engines. Is there anything that the Queen cannot accomplish?!

The heads on Easter Island have bodies. You’ve probably seen those famous stone heads. Archaeologists discovered in the 2010s that two of the Pacific Island figures had torsos as tall as 33 feet.

M&Ms are named after the founders of the company. What do the M’s stand for, though? Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, supposedly didn’t get along because Mars cheated Murrie out of his 20% stake in the company before it became the best-selling sweet in the United States. Ouch.

Picasso and Monet can be distinguished by pigeons. What?! According to a 1995 study, the birds can tell the difference between the two musicians.

An octothorpe is a proper word for a hashtag. The ‘octo’ relates to the symbol’s eight points, but the ‘Thorpe’ component, according to Merriam-Webster, remains a mystery.

In real life, the actors who played Mickey and Minnie mouse married. In 1991, Russi Taylor (Minnie) and Wayne Allwine (Mickey) married.

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The heartbeat of a blue whale may be heard from nearly 2 kilometers away. Blue whales weigh between 130,000 and 150,000 kilograms on average, with their hearts weighing around 180 kg.

The letter ‘J’ was the last to be added to the English alphabet. The letter I was used for both the I and ‘j’ sounds until 1524 when it was replaced with the letter ‘j.’

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There is a term for someone who expresses an opinion on a subject about which they have little knowledge. An ‘ultracrepidarian’ is a person who expresses opinions that are outside of their field of competence.

Salvador Dal was the designer of the Chupa Chups logo. In 1969, the surrealist artist developed the logo.

Ketchup was previously used to treat illnesses. In 1834, the condiment was recommended and marketed to patients who were suffering from indigestion.

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