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100+ Shower Thoughts: The Strangest & Funniest Ideas to Keep You Thinking!

We’ve all had our shower thoughts get the best of us! Thoughts that appear to be banal and unimportant but, in actuality, delve deeper into humanity’s history. Some of these may cause you to ponder the deeper meaning of the ordinary.

Here Are 130 of the Strangest, Funniest, and Most Bizarre Ideas to Keep You Thinking.

Which came first, the name or the nickname? Is it the orange fruit or the orange color?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the chickens or the eggs?

Who first coined the phrase “it’s pouring cats and dogs”? What does it have to do with the weather?

Despite the many colors displayed on televisions, there are only three different colored pixels.

Why can we see water but not air if air and water are both clear?

Is ketchup a smoothie if a tomato is a fruit?

Is a straw made up of one or two holes?

Dinosaurs had hair, right? We would never know if dinosaurs had hair since hair does not preserve it.

Can you daydream at night I’m ok I’m ok t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

Was it the plant or the seed that came first?

Who is the creator of god?

Why do churches ask for money if money is the root of all evil?

What is the flavor of water?

Who was the first teacher’s teacher?

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Why did witches choose to fly about on broomsticks?

We don’t confront reality; instead, we create it.

When both eyes are closed, you see black, but when only one is closed, you see nothing.

It’s possible that we’ll appear in the backgrounds of people’s favorite images.

You’re the only person in the world who can see what you can when you’re alone in a room.

Millions of people are doing exactly what you’re doing.

Right now, millions of people are breathing in unison with you.

Simply by thinking about it, you can manually breathe, blink, and swallow.

Our body simply chose to breathe for us one day.

How does snow turn into ice without appearing to be ice?

Only our mouths can bite upwards. As a result, you won’t be able to eat it.

Honey is simply bee excrement.

We could push all the waste of the earth if it were flat.

You do not own money; it is simply your turn to use it.

How does snow turn into ice without appearing to be ice?

Only our mouths can bite upwards. As a result, you won’t be able to eat it.

Honey is simply bee excrement.

We could push all the waste of the earth if it were flat.

You do not own money; it is simply your turn to use it.

Before trees, sharks would have existed.

What method do we use to determine the current time? Who was the first to set the clock?

You’ve never been the very first or very last person to walk into a room.

If you’re wealthy enough, an entire museum may be turned into a gift shop.

You can skip an endless number of integers when counting from one to two.

You’ll never know how many people are currently thinking of you.

The sun you see every day is the same sun that has been seen by everyone who has ever lived.

Everyone who knows you has a different version of you in their heads.

It’s your second birthday instead of your first.

On the steps, you can’t stand backward!

While you’re watching the sunrise, someone on the other side of the globe is seeing it set.

You can gesture in any direction and not lie if someone asks where the beach is. (There is water all around you.)

There are no baby butterflies!

Mirrors do not shatter; instead, they multiply.

The only creature that pays to live is humans!

The only season you get to see twice a year is winter.

Someone’s mother might be using you as a poor role model for her children!

Shower Thoughts

The banana was once the food that most closely resembled a phone. It’s time for the pop tart now.

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The perfect crime will never be revealed to us.

Killing bugs will make them more sneaky and deadly over time.

The quietest or loudest thing to drop is a baby.

You can only be prosecuted for attempted suicide, even though suicide is forbidden.

Why are inmates provided with food and water when homeless people are not?

Pets aren’t aware when humans make mistakes. They believe we did it on purpose if we trip over them or step on them by accident.

We’re not afraid of the dark; we’re afraid of what’s in it.

Is it true that ghosts provide us with solitude in the shower?

If aliens arrive on Earth, we’ll have to explain why we spent so much time fighting and killing them in movies.

What if oxygen is harmful and kills us in 75-100 years?

What if our anxieties were the way we died in a previous life?

What if the light at the end of the tunnel is you being reborn and seeing lights?

You will never know until you hear your name for the last time.

You never know when your parents held your hand for the final time.

Deaf folks have no idea why farts are amusing.

We must pretend to be asleep in order to fall asleep.

We’ve strolled past murderers before and had no idea.

Nothing is on fire, but everything is on fire.

Misquotes are like soiled needles.

What if the voice in our heads is someone from another world attempting to assist us in our survival?

Is the Bermuda Triangle a bug if we are living in a simulation?

How can we be sure that other people are still alive?

You are older than every cat and dog on the planet if you are above 30 years old.

What if you were showering while your house was burning down? Would you be able to survive?

People who are left-handed are less prone to commit murder.

If a morgue worker passes away, they will have to return to work.

Nobody really knows how somebody feels or thinks.

You are a descendant of someone.

Today’s earth is more lovely than tomorrow’s will be.

It’s just as terrifying to be alone in a dark room as it is to be alone in a dark room.

The word “live” is simply “evil” spelled backward.

We know more about space than we do about the ocean’s depths.

Reading “Do not touch” in braille would be terrifying.

The finest smelling burnt-down shop is a candle shop.

Does the fact that time travel was invented imply that it has always existed?

Only 5.5 percent of all people who have ever lived are alive right now.

We all have an ongoing dialogue with ourselves.

You’ll never know when you’ll think of someone for the last time.

You’ve never been in a room that was completely empty before.

We might not notice if a star burns out.

Your breath timer is reset every time you take a breath in. After 5 minutes, it expires.

Every shattered clock has a timer that tells you when it died.

It would already be the past by the time your brain recognizes that you are living in the present.

At the same moment, the past, present, and future exist.

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Shower Thoughts

All of your potatoes are mashed in your stomach.

Tobacco corporations assassinate their most loyal consumers.

Condom manufacturers are essentially killing their future clients.

If you’re simply competing against yourself. Do you always come out on top?

Larger people have more skin than smaller people. Making them look slimmer.

Why don’t ribbed condoms have the same flavor as ribs?

From the inside out, we devour pizza.

You’re either bad or fantastic if a cashier recalls you.

Nobody would notice other people blinking if everyone blinked at the same time.

Is a liar stating the truth or lying when they say they’re lying?

We would never have friends if we never spoke to strangers.

If no one complains about a bulletproof vest, it’s a good sign. Either it’s incredibly good or it’s really horrible!

Horses are the animals that fart the most.

Water skiing encompasses all types of skiing.

Earthworms are the most common type of worm.

Not all ladybugs are female!

If you don’t tuck your shirt inside your pants. Then you slip your jeans inside your shirt.

Condoms are designed to keep humans from harming each other!

To scorpions, lobsters are mermaids.

Anxiety is nothing more than a plot against yourself and others.

Is an earthquake still an earthquake if it occurs on another planet?

Cheese is nothing more than a loaf of milk.

If it’s already built, why is it called a building?

Skyscrapers do not scrape the surface of the earth.

When you consume alcohol, the alcohol becomes inebriated as well.

Long ago, everyone owned horses, but owning a car made you wealthy; now, everyone owns automobiles, and owning a horse makes you wealthy.

What if dogs lick us because they know we’re carrying bones?

Water trucks are the opposite of fire vehicles!

Can fish see the water if humans can’t see air?

If the world came to an end and Harry Potter was the only book left, what would you do? We’d give the impression that we’re all wizards.

The adult equivalent of being afraid to check your grades is being afraid to check your bank account.

Cops pulling you over for speeding is akin to professors instructing you not to run in the hallways.

In the movie automobiles, there are sidewalks, but everyone is in a car.

Is it possible to make a chilly dog by pouring ice water on a hotdog?

Water is a gateway to another world where you can soar but not breathe!

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