Running legend and ex-executive editor of ‘Runner’s World’, Amby Burfoot comes on board Fitpage as an advisor

American marathoner, decorated running coach, and journalist Amby Burfoot has joined Fitpage, a Mumbai-based endurance-first fitness tech start-up, as an advisor from October this year. In this new role with Fitpage, the 1968 Boston Marathon winner would bring to the table his decades-long experience and expertise in the sport.

As an advisor, Burfoot will be helping with the conception and development of Fitpage’s content and play a key role in the company’s growth. He would also be mentoring the young team in various capacities.

Fitpage is working to demystify myths around weight loss, walking, running, nutrition, and overall fitness in general, with the help of deep-rooted and evidence-based research and non-sponsored information. The organisation is led by Vikas Singh, an experienced runner himself. It has been built with the help of leading exercise scientists and coaches, many of whom have been Burfoot’s contemporaries in the field of running. “I am excited to welcome Amby to the firm and that it is a strong next step in building a natural destination for Indian runners and fitness enthusiasts,” says Singh.

“In recent years, I’ve been excited to hear from many different sources about the dramatic increase in running participation in India. Now I’m thrilled to join Fitpage as an advisor and content provider. I’ve been impressed by the vision, commitment, and passion of Fitpage’s leadership team. I’m confident the company will make many important contributions to the health, fitness, and enjoyment of runners in India and around the world,” says Burfoot.