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Nicki Minaj Facts: You Probably Know About These Facts

Nicki Minaj has been a celebrity for a long time, earning the well-deserved moniker of ‘Queen of Rap.’ Nicki Minaj has risen into a household hip-hop name thanks to her tough lyrics, celebrity bust-ups, wild clothes, and alter personas.

We love her because of her Barbie ways, immaculate flow, and wacky personality, which keeps us wanting more! But the well-known celebrity hasn’t always had it easy; read on to learn more about her difficult background and rise to popularity.

Her Real Name Isn’t “Nicki Minaj”

That’s right, you read that correctly. Indeed, you’ve been deceived for many years. “Onika Tanya Maraj” is the rapper’s given name. Although the Barbie Dreams star adopted the stage name “Nicki Maraj” at the start of her music career, she eventually changed it to “Nicki Minaj.” When she met Fendi she was apparently motivated to change her name because “I had such a filthy flow!” “I eat bi***es!” says the narrator.

She Is a Multi-Cultural Individual

Although she appears to be of African, Trinidadian, and Indo-Asian ancestry, the rap sensation is true of African, Trinidadian, and Indo-Asian ancestry. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago and relocated to the Bronx, New York City, at the age of five.

Nicki Minaj’s Parents Are Gospel Singers, According to Her

Nicki Minaj facts

It’s in the family to be a musician! Robert Maraj, Nicki’s father, is a financial executive and part-time gospel singer, and Carol Maraj, Nicki’s mother, is a gospel vocalist who has also worked in payroll and accounting departments! The Bang Bang vocalist seemed to have grown up surrounded by music, yet she chose to pursue a different type.

She has an obnoxious brother

This Nicki Minaj fact may astound you. Jelani Maraj, Nicki’s 38-year-old brother, was convicted guilty of predatory sexual assault on his 11-year-old stepdaughter in 2017. Despite the fact that Nicki apparently visited her brother with her mother following the guilty judgment, she has remained silent publicly.

She Was Fired From Her Waitressing Job

Minaj worked a regular job like the rest of us before breaking into the hip-hop world. But she didn’t stay long as a waiter at Red Lobster, where she was dismissed for being nasty to a customer. In one case, Minaj chased the customer out of the restaurant, giving her the finger and demanding the return of her pen. Nicki has revealed getting fired from 15 different jobs for the same reason.

She Had a Successful Broadway Career!

Nicki Minaj was a Broadway star long before she became a rapper, which is hard to believe. Nicki attended a performing arts school in Manhattan prior to being a famous artist, and after graduation, she focused on acting, obtaining a role in the off-Broadway drama In Case You Forget in 2001.

Nicki Minaj facts

Nicki’s First Rap Was When She Was 12 Years Old. It’s no surprise that this gifted actress discovered her calling at the age of 12. She’s always enjoyed performing and was a member of her church choir before deciding to pursue acting.

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This is when she realized she had poetic talent as well!

Young Money Entertainment, Nicki Was A Member Of A Band

Nicki left the theatre to join the band The Hood stars in 2004, and their song Don’t Mess With was used as the opening song for WWE Diva Victoria. Safaree Samuels, her ex-boyfriend, was also a member of the band! Nicki was discovered by none other than Lil Wayne, who signed her to Young Money Entertainment in 2009.

She was signed by Dirty Money Records in 2007, where she adopted her stage name, and after a few mixtapes, she was discovered by none other than Lil Wayne, who signed her to Young Money Entertainment in 2009.

She’s Never Turned Down Butt Implants

Nicki has one of Hollywood’s most talked-about hourglass shapes. Many have accused the actress of having breast implants and sculpting her derriere, but she has never confirmed or denied having any surgery. Nicki, in fact, doesn’t mind if people make comments about her rear – “I don’t mind it,” she says.

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People are chatting about my butt in the barbershop; it’s a casual conversation. That’s exactly what they’re going to do. I’m fine as long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj.”

Nicki Had an Abortion When She Was Young

This tidbit about Nicki may surprise some people. The rapper disclosed that she had lost her unborn child in her song All Things Go. Since then, Nicki has gone out about her 15-year-old abortion, calling it the toughest thing she’s ever done. She is convinced that she had nothing to give the baby and that she made the correct decision in the end.

Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, and Other Celebrities Are Feuding With Her!

You’ve definitely heard about Nicki’s squabbles, ranging from her rivalry with Miley Cyrus, which resulted in a very public call-out, to her beef with Mariah Carey, which nearly ripped American Idol apart. Or her recent tirade against Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, in which she claimed that the rapper cheated by enlisting the help of his baby mama to promote his new album.

Nicki Minaj facts

Her public spat with Cardi B, however, took celebrity feuds to a whole new level when the Bodak Yellow artist flung her shoe in Nicki’s face, forcing her to leave the NYFW event.

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Cardi B’s former Love and Hip Hop co-star Rah Ali was the target of the attack, according to reports.

She’s Gal Pals With the Hottest Pop Stars

The rapper Chung-Li doesn’t hang out with just anyone! Although she chooses her friends carefully, Minaj has been outspoken about her admiration for Ariana Grande, with whom she has collaborated on a number of songs, including Side to Side and The Light is Coming. She also hangs out with Queen B and was featured in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run 2 tour’s backdrop.

Betsey Johnson Is Her Fashion Inspiration

Despite the fact that Nicki Minaj has a very own style, she claims to be heavily influenced by Betsey Johnson, an American fashion designer. When Queen Barbz sat front row for her SS12 presentation in 2011, the two became fast friends. It’s safe to assume that everyone admires each other! Betsey thinks the rapper is “wonderful,” according to MTV. Nicki Minaj is a rapper who is well-known for her use of In the manner of Betsey Johnson.

She Could Have Dated Drake, a Fellow Rapper

Nicki is (and will continue to be) a major part of Drake‘s dating history! Fans went crazy when she was linked to the Canadian rapper! Who doesn’t like it when their favorite celebrities get together?

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And, despite Drake’s public declaration of love for her (which is a recurring subject in his book), neither of them confirmed whether or not they had dated.

The First Female Rapper to Perform at Yankee Stadium Was Nicki Minaj

Nicki made history in 2010 when she performed Monster with fellow rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z at Yankee Stadium. The night was historic not only for Nicki but also for hip-hop in general, as it was the first time so many hip-hop artists came together to perform on the stadium’s main stage.
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