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40 Interesting Facts About Maine!

The United States of America is a confederation of 50 states in North America, each with its own history, landmarks, and customs.

While certain states are well-known, such as Texas for its vastness or California for its sunny beaches, many others are less well-known, yet they all have intriguing histories and are great destinations to explore. This article is solely about Maine, the country’s northeasternmost state, and is jam-packed with interesting Maine facts and history.

Maine State Facts You Should Know

These fascinating facts about Maine will help you learn more about this little American state and provide you with a broad understanding of Maine trivia, which will come in handy for any family quiz night!

1. Maine has a total land size of 30,862 square miles, making it the 12th smallest US state by area (79932.2 sq km).

2. Curious about the states that border Maine in the United States? New Hampshire is the only one. The other states that border Maine is the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, not US states.

3. Maine has a 3,478-mile coastline on the Atlantic Ocean (5597.2 km).

4. The Pine Tree State is Maine’s official moniker. Maine’s nickname is unknown, however, it is thought to have originated due to the state’s abundance of pine trees! It’s the official state tree, in fact.

5. As part of the Missouri compromise, Maine was admitted as the 23rd state on March 15, 1820.

6. The origins of the name Maine in the United States are unknown, however, it is considered to have been called after Maine in France.

7. Maine is one of the six regions of the United States, and it is located in New England. It is the largest of New England’s six states.

8. Augusta, Maine’s capital city, has a population of around 18,681.

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Maine Historical Facts

interesting facts about maine

More than 90% of the blueberries in the United States are grown in Maine.

Maine’s history spans several centuries and is chock-full of people and events that will leave you speechless. Discover some amazing historical facts about Maine in this section.

9. Maine is thought to have been discovered by the Vikings some 1,000 years ago.

10. In 1641, York, Maine became the first city in America to be chartered. York was previously known as Agamenticus, was renamed Gorgeana in 1642, and was reincorporated as York in 1652.

11. Fires damaged more than 200,000 acres (809.3 sq km) in Maine during a long drought that began in 1947, earning it the nickname “the year Maine burnt.”

12. Off the coast of Maine, more than 100 million lb (45.3 million kg) of lobster was caught in 2011.

13. Burt Schavitz, a photojournalist, developed Burt’s Bees, a prominent skincare company, in Maine in 1984.

14. The University of Maine has a Lobster Institute, which was founded in 1987 and is committed to studying more about the crustacean.

15. Strong, Maine, was formerly known as the “toothpick capital of the world,” producing 95 percent of the country’s toothpicks until 2003.

16. Maine used to be a part of Massachusetts, but after the American Revolution, it pushed for independence for many years.

Maine’s Physical Features


Acadia National Park is one of America’s most visited parks.

Maine is known for its jagged, rocky coastline, but it also features a plethora of other breathtaking vistas and mesmerizing sceneries.

17. Maine boasts 3,166 coastal islands, many of which are accessible throughout the year.

18. Acadia National Park is one of the most frequented national parks in the United States, with over two million people per year.

19. Maine is 320 miles (514.9 kilometers) long and 210 miles (337.9 kilometers) broad.

20. Mount Katahdin, at 1605.6 m (5,268 ft), is Maine’s highest peak. It was first ascended in 1804.

21. Maine’s state and national parks cover over half a million acres.

22. Maine has a wooded area of 22.9%, making it one of the finest paper producers in the world.

23. Maine has a lot of rivers; the state has 73 rivers that are 20 miles (32.1 kilometers) long or longer.

24. Maine’s beauty attracts many people who come to ski, hike, and kayak.

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Maine’s Strange Facts

Now that we’ve learned about Maine’s history, geography, and landforms, we think it’s time to learn some interesting facts about Maine that will astound you.

25. Maine is most renowned for its lobster, which accounts for nearly 96 million pounds of the country’s lobster supply (43.5 million kg).

26. Maine is the only state in the United States with a one-syllable name.

27. The chickadee, a little, charming member of the tit family, is Maine’s state bird.

28. Maine is one of the top producers of wild blueberries in the United States. The month of July is designated as National Blueberry Month.

29. Acadia National Park was originally known as Sieur de Monts National Monument when it initially opened in 1916.

30. Maine is the second oldest state in the United States in the spring, with only Alaska being colder. On January 16, 2009, the state’s lowest ever recorded temperature was a bone-chilling -50 F (-45 C).

31. Maine is the first state in America to witness the sunrise every day, though the location varies based on the time of year. West Quoddy Head near Lubec is the ideal site to observe the sunrise for a few weeks around the equinoxes. The sun rises first on Mars Hill for the rest of the spring and summer.

32. The moose is Maine’s official state animal, and it has the country’s greatest population.

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Portland Maine Interesting Facts

interesting facts about maine

You may think you know everything there is to know about Maine, but what about Portland, the state’s most populous city? This section delves further into Maine facts and focuses on Portland Maine, with a plethora of interesting information about the city.

33. Stephen King, the horror author, was born in 1947 in Portland, Maine. Stephen King is a well-known author who is responsible for a number of excellent yet terrible books, including ‘It,’ ‘The Shining,’ and ‘Carrie,’ all of which have been adapted into films.

34. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, was an American poet who was born in Portland. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the most popular poet of the nineteenth century, composed ‘The Song Of Hiawatha’ and ‘Paul Revere’s Ride.’

35. Portland was Maine’s first state capital until 1832 when it was replaced by Augusta.

36. The Portland peninsula was originally called ‘Machigonne,’ which means ‘Great Neck,’ by Native Americans.

37. The city of Portland, Oregon, is named after the city of Portland, Maine. It was founded by two New Englanders, Asa Lovejoy, and Francis Pettygrove, who decided on the name by flipping a coin. Pettygrove, the winner, named it after his hometown.

38. One of the most iconic lighthouses in the world is the Portland Headlight (which is really located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine).

39. President George Washington commissioned the Portland Headlight.

40. The Portland Museum of Art houses about 18,000 works of art ranging from the 18th century to the present.

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