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Know 10 Amazing Facts About Jesus Christ in 2022 on Good Friday!

Friday, April 20, 2022: This year’s Good Friday falls on April 15th. In Christianity, it is regarded as a lucky day. Christians hold a fast, go to church, and remember Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on this day. Let’s have a look at some fascinating facts about Jesus Christ.

Good Friday 2022: It is marked by Christians on the Friday before Easter Sunday to commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. On this day, many observe a fast and go to church to memorialize Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Black Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday, and Easter Friday are all names for the same day.

Jesus was most likely crucified on Friday, according to the spiritual narratives of the Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus. The estimated year of Good Friday is 33 AD according to the Bible and the Julian calendar, although Isaac Newton described the disparity between the Bible and the Julian calendar and computed it based on the size of the moon, indicating that the year was actually 34 AD.

Good Friday has Ten Interesting Facts.

1. The Roman Catholic Church considers Good Friday to be a fasting day, although according to the Church’s Latin customs, once a full meal (albeit it is less than a typical meal, and fish is often eaten instead of meat) and two hors d’oeuvres are eaten on this day. (A snack is had, which is not nearly half the size of a big meal.) Work is frequently halted for a few hours after 3 p.m. in nations where Good Friday is not a holiday.

2. Christians observe Good Friday by attending church and remembering the Lord Jesus. The church bell is not rung on this day; instead, a sound is made with a wooden knock. Kissing the cross, which represents the Lord Jesus Christ, is a popular way for people to remember God. Christians all throughout the world donate on Good Friday to help the church’s social efforts.

good friday facts

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3. According to the Baltimore Catechism, Good Friday is called Good because, after his death, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and declared, “O man, I am with you forever, and my goal is to accomplish good for you.” In this context, “good” means “holy.” As a result, it’s also known as Holy Friday, Black Friday, or Great Friday.

4. Countries such as Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela, the Caribbean, Germany, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, where Christian traditions are strictly adhered to and Good Friday is observed as a public or federal holiday.

5. Several shops in English-speaking nations, such as Singapore, are closed on Good Friday. Additionally, some commercials are excluded from broadcasts on television and radio.

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6. Ireland is largely a Catholic country, with all sorts of alcohol sales forbidden on Good Friday. On the other hand, in Germany, performances in theatres, including public dance, are prohibited on Good Friday.

7. In India, in addition to the national holiday, there is a state holiday and the capital exchanges are closed on Good Friday. Many other businesses are closed on Good Friday in some states, such as Assam, Goa, and Kerala, where the Christian community is high while not being a majority, but most companies are open in the remainder of the country.

8. Eastern Orthodox Christians observe a strict fast on Good Friday and the next day, whilst Roman Catholics observe a strict fast and eat very little food on this day. On this day, hot sweet chapattis are eaten in a number of English-speaking countries.

good friday facts

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9. On Good Friday, kites are flown in Bermuda. Wood, colored tissue paper, glue, and thread are frequently used to make these kites. These kites’ shapes and wood are meant to represent the cross on which Jesus died. Furthermore, kites flying through the sky represent their ascension to heaven.

10. Horse racing is not held in the United Kingdom on Good Friday, however, casinos were open for the first time in 2008 on this day. For many years, the BBC has transmitted Good Friday news on Radio 4 at 7 a.m., which begins with a verse from Issac Watts’ hymn “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.”

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