Fast and Furious 10 : Release Date Is It Officially Confirmed ?

They haven’t put on the brakes yet. This is the second-to-last movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. Dominic Toretto’s next adventure is going to be one of the biggest so far.

Vin Diesel, who plays Dom in the movie, said in a January 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly: “Just wait for 10.” “Let’s just say that because you know that the studio says we can’t cover all this ground in just one movie, you can only imagine what will happen.”

Jakob (John Cena) was trying to steal a machine that could hack into every computerized weapon system in the world in the ninth instalment, which came out in June 2021. Dom was going up against his brother, Jakob.

A complicated plan to stop the cyber attack took some of the team members to the International Space Station. Dom, his wife Letty, and their team, which also included Mia, Roman, Tej, and Ramsey, were able to stop the evil plan. However, they let Jakob go.

Jakob comes back

As long as Jakob comes back, fans know for sure that Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) will make things a little shaky in the 2023 follow-up.

People who saw the F9 post-credits scene saw Shaw, who wasn’t in the rest of the movie. Video: In the clip, the man was stuck in the punch bag. In this case, Shaw was looking for plans like those from the victim.

The villain said he already had all the information he needed, so he didn’t need to ask. Shaw then shoved the guy back into the punching bag and answered the door to see Mr. Nobody’s new ally Han (Sung Kang), who is clearly shocked that Shaw is alive. Han is Mr. Nobody’s new ally.

The ending didn’t just leave moviegoers with questions; it also made them want to know more. Actors also wanted to know more about what was going on in the storey. There is no point in going on a new movie if the last one sent two people to space.

I’ve Asked a Lot of Questions About 10 and 11, Gibson Said in June 2021.

The Masked Singer contestant said that they’ll have to live up to the high expectations of the people who watch them. This is what the man said: “We all have a certain amount of responsibility and know there’s a beast out there that needs to be fed. We need to know what that beast wants, what it likes, and what it’s used to.”

Everyone is very excited about the new Fast and Furious 10 movie, so keep reading to find out all about it.

The Date When the Movie Will Be Out.

At the end of 2020, Universal Pictures said that the next Fast and Furious movie will be out in theatres on April 7, 2023. However, the date was moved to May 19, 2023, in December 2021.

The Rock Won’t Come Back.

He played Hobbs in four movies from 2011 to 2019. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson won’t be back as Hobbs again.

“I’ve prayed for them,” Johnson, who had a fight with Diesel, said in July 2021. “I hope they do well on Fast 9.” They should have a good time making Fast 10 and Fast 11 and any more F&F movies they make without me.