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Emma Stone Fun Facts:13 Things You Might Know About Emma Stone

Emma Stone (born November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States) is an American actress recognized for her natural charisma, husky voice, and versatility in a variety of roles. The Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix was where Stone got her first acting experience. She persuaded her parents to let her move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career during her freshman year of high school. Stone was homeschooled in between auditions, and she and her mother moved into an apartment there.

Emma Isn’t Her Given Name

It ain’t so, say it ain’t so! Is Emma, as we’ve grown to know and love her, actually an Emma? Fortunately, the actress’s’showbiz’ moniker kept her close to home. Emily Jean Stone, not Emma Stone, is her real name. When she tried to join the Screen Actors Guild, she discovered that her name had already been taken. There can only be one, according to Hollywood’s rules.

As a result, Emma Stone was born. She found ‘Riley Stone’ distracting at work. On Malcolm in the Middle, she forgot her name. Emily is her home and family name; she misses it.

She’s Descended From a Swedish Ancestor

Emma shares a diversified ancestry with a number of notable celebrities. Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, and Matt Damon also have Swedish roots. Her paternal grandfather was one of the millions of immigrants who came through Ellis Island.

Stone isn’t her surname or first name. Ellis Island customarily anglicized surnames. Emma’s maternal ancestors are Scottish, Irish, English, and German.

Her Vocal Chords Have Been Damaged

Emma is known for her signature husky voice in addition to her gorgeous beauty. She claims it’s because she had chronic colic as a child.

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According to the actress, she would cry uncontrollably for hours at a time, causing nodules to form in her throat. It still bothers her, especially when she has to film scenes that need shouting.

She and Her Mother Relocated to Los Angeles

Emma relocated to Los Angeles from Arizona in 2004 after dropping out of Catholic school to pursue an acting career. Her mother joined her, having been impressed by her daughter’s ‘Project Hollywood’ presentation.

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It spelled out all of the reasons why her parents should allow her to relocate to California. Despite the fact that the actress’s parents have no prior experience in the entertainment industry, they have always been incredibly supportive of their daughter.

She Worked in a Dog Food Factory for Seven Years

Emma had to wait for success to come to her. She may be a big star now, but she had to work extremely hard to get there. The actress performed a variety of odd jobs after relocating to Los Angeles to support her burgeoning career. A part-time job at a dog bakery was one of them. Stone was fired after he began to protest, which was really amusing. They described the taste of her dog treats as “horrid,” and said that their pets would not eat them.

Getting a Part in Los Angeles Took 8 Months

Emma auditioned for as many roles as she could for eight months. She faced a lot of rejection and questioned whether she’d ever make it in Hollywood at times. She did, however, secure a job on The New Partridge Family after a string of failed auditions.

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The show is a crude remake of The Partridge Family, which was a smash in the 1970s. Laurie Partridge, played by Stone, is a gifted pianist who juggles her career with the pressures of growing up in a musical household.

Her Application for the NBC Show Heroes Was Rejected

One of the most difficult times in her early career, according to the actress, was getting passed up for the role of Claire Bennet in Heroes. With Hayden Panettiere in the lead role, the program went on to be a huge success.

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Emma claims she overheard executives informing Panettiere she was their first choice for the role of Claire after her audition. She went home and cried because she was so upset. Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long to meet Judd Apatow and land her first big break.

Emma Was Supposed to Be a Star, According to Roger Ebert

She may be correct in claiming that Easy A has more depth than the ordinary teen drama. Robert Ebert, a lauded critic, commended the film and, in particular, Stone’s humorous performance as Olive Penderghast. He described Stone as “underrated” and anticipated that the film would make her famous. He wasn’t mistaken. She’d walk away with a Golden Globe and a slew of new fans.

She Isn’t Going To Rely On Her Good Looks

Despite a rocky start, Emma claims she turned down many parts because she was just cast as a pretty face. She has always aspired to work in comedies and has pushed hard to be taken seriously as one. It’s great to see all of your hard work pay off!

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Stone won a Teen Choice Award for Movie Actress in a Romantic Comedy and an MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Actress. She was also nominated for five additional major prizes, including a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy.

She Wasn’t Aware She Had Asthma

Emma had a minor asthma incident while filming Easy A in 2010. Fortunately, the cast and crew were there to assist the actress in her recovery. Because she wasn’t aware she had the disease, it gave her a tremendous fight. It happened on the second day of filming, according to Stone.

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Take after taking, she was told to jump, yell, and scream. The strenuous sequence had taken its toll on her lungs, and filming had to be halted. We believe she is being too harsh on herself when she portrays the situation as humiliating. You have to wheeze when you have to wheeze.

She’s Got a Beatles Tattoo

On the inside of one wrist, Emma has a tattoo. It’s just two birds’ feet drawn in a simple line design. They’re actually blackbirds, and they’re a nod to her mother’s favorite Beatles song, Blackbird. Her mum has the same tattoo as her.

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Wait until you hear what Stone did to acquire the ideal tattoo for her mother as if this tale couldn’t get any cuter.

She Has a Strange Phobia

Emma performed a moment in Crazy, Stupid Love in which she was raised high above Ryan Gosling’s head (a la Dirty Dancing). Unfortunately, she had an unplanned collapse after having flashbacks to when she was a youngster and fractured both arms.

She Is a Firm Believer in Being True to Herself

‘Stay irrepressibly loyal to yourself and be tenacious about finding methods to actualize the real you,’ Emma Stone says is the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten. We think she’s doing a fantastic job. Right now, there’s no one quite like Emma.

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