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Drake Facts: Do You Probably Known About These Facts?

Toronto-born Drake is recognized for songs including Take Care, One Dance, and Hotline Bling. He debuted with “Room for Improvement” in 2006. His third mix tape gained critical and commercial success 3 years later, and he published his first album the following year. His career took off after signing with Lil Wayne’s company Young Money Entertainment, and he’s now a top rapper.

Middle Name Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham is Drake’s full name, but he uses his middle name professionally. Drake is a household name in the music industry. He’s topped music charts, performed in front of sold-out crowds, and accepted a slew of Grammy awards. The majority of artists, actresses, and musicians have both flamboyant stage names and common identities.

Drake, on the other hand, isn’t like that. In his professional life as a rapper, he goes by the middle name Aubrey Drake Graham.


Drake’s dad was Jerry Lee Lewis’s drummer. His uncle played bass for Sly and the Family Stone, and his mother is musical. Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, comes from a “highly musical” family, according to Drake, whose grandmother babysat Aretha Franklin. Drake comes from an ethnic and religious background that is both diverse and unusual.


Drake’s ethnicity and religion are unusual. His mother is Caucasian, Canadian, and Jewish. His father is an African-American Catholic. Despite being black, he thinks being Jewish is “a cool twist”.

Drake facts

Drake’s mother raised him in Toronto after his parents divorced when he was five. He attended Jewish day school and celebrated Jewish holidays with his mother. Drake considers himself black due to his father’s heritage, but he also believes being Jewish is nice.

Being Different Strengthened Him

Drake felt isolated and odd at school. His high school was almost all-white, and he says “nobody understood what it was like to be black and Jewish.” Different made him stronger, he said.

Drake went to an all-white secondary school, and he claims that no one understood him. Nobody in the school had any idea how it felt to be a black Jewish student.

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His high school experience was marked by solitude and a distinct sense of self, yet this never became a liability. He stated that being different and unique from everyone else gave him a tremendous amount of strength.

 Acting Over School

Drake dropped out of school to perform and graduated in 2012. Drake was introduced to an acting agent’s father by a high school classmate when he was 15, anxious to start his career as an actor. Drake landed a role on Degrassi: The Next Generation, a Canadian teen drama series.

Nearly Got A Job

Degrassi producers axed his character in 2008. Despite his mix tape popularity, he wasn’t making much money as a rapper and was considering getting a job “at a restaurant or anything” Drake didn’t need that. There is a slew of memorable cameos by some of their well-known pals as well.

Drake facts

At their fictitious fast food joint, 21 Savage and Mike Will Made It serve customers, while Lil’ Yachty fixes laptops at a fictitious Apple store. It’s a wonderfully interesting video concept that portrays the two musicians’ lighter side. Drake is known for releasing tremendously popular music videos, and this one appears to be one of his most popular to date.

An Appropriate Call

Lil Wayne called Drake in 2008 after hearing about him via Rap-a-Lot founder James Prince’s son Jas. Prince played Lil Wayne Drake’s song “Replacement Girl,” which featured his lyrics. Wayne invited Drake to join his Carter III tour. When he signed Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Tyga to Young Money Records, the New Orleans emcee is credited with helping to launch their careers. The performers collaborated on a number of popular songs and released many albums under the label.

Starred In A Tv Serial

Drake scored his first TV part in Degrassi: The Next Generation, a Canadian teen drama series, after dropping out of school.

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He portrayed Jimmy Brooks, a movie star who is confined to a wheelchair after being shot by a student.

Drake portrayed the character for seven years, and it was for this role that he gained notoriety and a little star in Canada.

“Successful” Was Successful!

Drake’s third mix tape peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles list in 2009. “Successful” went gold and made Rolling Stone’s “25 Best Songs of 2009” list.

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A Canadian-American Hit

Drake released Thanks Later in 2010. It went platinum in both Canada and the U.S. Since then, his R&B-infused hip-hop tracks have ruled. In 2018, he had his next solo number one with the Scorpion track “God’s Plan,” which he quickly followed up with the Scorpion singles “Nice For What” and “In My Feelings.” In 2018, he was also featured on Travis Scott’s number-one song “Sicko Mode.”


Drake won best rap song and best rap/sung performance for “Hotline Bling” in 2017. He slammed the Grammys for “shoehorning” him into rap. The next day, he told Apple Beats 1: “I’m a black artist and a rapper, even though Hotline Bling isn’t a rap song.” I earned two prizes but don’t want them.

Drake Liked Rihana

Everyone knows Drake has always been a fan of Rihanna, but what they don’t know is that his love for her has turned him into a rival. Drake and Chris Brown fought for Rihanna’s affections and became bitter rivals. This animosity reached a head when violence erupted at a New York nightclub solely because of Rihanna.

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While many people recall the epic nightclub brawl between Chris Brown and Drake, not as many recall the reason for the brawl. According to the New York Daily News, Drake added, “The amount of media coverage is embarrassing.” “Two rappers are squabbling over a woman.” Even though he isn’t a rapper, it isn’t the best way to get your name out there. It takes your attention away from the music. But he’s made me his adversary, and that’s probably how it’ll stay.”


Drake facts

Drake has received 192 awards in total, including four Grammy Awards from 47 nominations. He has a total of 29 Billboard Music Awards wins from 81 nominations, including Artist of the Decade.

Grammy Awards
2018-Best Rap Song
2016-Best Rap / Sung Performance
2016-Best Rap Song
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