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Britney Spears, The Princess Of Pop, Has Some Controversial Facts

No one could have imagined how Britney Spears would revolutionize the music landscape forever—or how she would redefine the concept of tabloid scandal—when she debuted in 1998 with her breakthrough song “…Baby One More Time.” She has remained one of the most influential entertainers in the world despite her personal and professional ups and downs. Here are interesting facts about Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop.

Facts about Britney Spears

1. She was well-known before she was well-known. Britney Spears had already established herself in the public eye before “…Baby One More Time” propelled her to the top of the Billboard charts. Many people are aware that she was initially featured on The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992, with future stars Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling, and that her time on the show forced her to mature quickly.

2. She Received Her Sex Ed from an Unexpected Source. While Britney and Justin may be the most well-known relationship to emerge from the show, Ryan Gosling has claimed responsibility for corrupting a young Spears. “[They] would come and ask me sex questions, and I just told them what I heard—like positions and whatnot,” he explained. The other mothers all went to Disney and complained that I was corrupting their children.”

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3. She irritated the British. In 2011, Spears received backlash for the music video for her song “Criminal,” which portrayed her and her boyfriend at the time, Jason Trawick, walking through the streets of London. The fact that British MPs were carrying guns in an area touched by the memorable 2011 London riots enraged them. Spears’ team responded by claiming that the song was written before the events took place.

4. Her Hair Was Attempting to Be Sold. Spears’ hair, the Redbull can she drank from, and the cig butts she had deposited in the ashtray were all collected by the hairdresser who operated the salon where she famously shaved her head in 2007. The stylist then listed all of the items on eBay for $1 million, but eBay removed the listing because it violated their policy.

5. As a child, she had a strong desire to succeed. Spears had a tumultuous relationship with her parents at times. Jamie and Lynne, who raised her in Kentwood, Louisiana, were always supportive of their little daughter’s ambitions—and she had a lot of them. Spears’ parents drove her to dance, gymnastics, and voice lessons, as well as talent events since she was extremely ambitious.

 Britney Spears facts

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6. She Had to Fight to Make It as a Star. With such a strong desire, she decided to take a gamble and recreate The Mickey Mouse Club when she was just eight years old, with disastrous results. After driving all the way to Atlanta for the audition, Spears was turned down and informed she was too young for the show. There was, however, a silver lining. Spears’ skill was spotted by the casting director, who introduced her to a talent agency.

7. Her Parents Went to Great Lengths to Help Her Advance Her Career. Britney Spears’ parents were supportive of her ambitions, and when her agency recommended a performing arts school in New York City, they relocated to the Big Apple and enrolled her there. Spears, her mother Lynne, and her younger sister Jamie Lynn squeezed themselves into a flat in the city, while Jamie and her brother Bryan stayed in Kentwood.

8. She’s Had a Few Strange Exes. Britney Spears has largely dated non-famous types after her divorce from Kevin Federline, although there was a time when she was romantically linked to a number of high-profile actors, including Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, and Fred Durst, the latter of whom has been the subject of controversy.

9. She was involved in a He-Said-She-Said Debate. Durst was approached to work on a song with Spears in 2003, at the peak of both of their careers (arguably), and the two began a love relationship—at least according to him. Spears, for her part, has consistently denied any involvement. He claims that he understands why she won’t accept it, but that he isn’t a liar.

10. The Second Time Around Was a Charm. Britney Spears auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club again around the age of 11 after being rejected the first time when she was eight years old, and this time she was cast. In 1993, her family relocated to Orlando to film the show. The program ran for three years before being canceled, but Spears wasn’t ready to let go of her goals just yet.

The Mickey Mouse Club was canceled in 1996, so the family returned to Mississippi.

11. She Worked in a Non-Show Business

Spears and her family returned to Kentwood after her experience on The Mickey Mouse Club and lived a fairly regular life for a few years. Jamie, her father, had bought a gym and turned it into a family enterprise. Spears volunteered there and also acquired a part-time job as a waitress at her great-crawfish grandmother’s restaurant.

 Britney Spears facts

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12. Her Ordinary Years Were Insufficient For Her

Despite the fact that Britney Spears had a reasonably normal childhood at the time, her mother was keen to ensure that she had a future in show business, so she hired a manager to assist her to get new gigs. Spears goes through the motions of high schools, such as joining the basketball team, having a boyfriend, and attending prom, but she sensed that something was lacking and yearned to return to her music career.

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