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Badtz-maru Facts: Interesting Facts About Baddo Batsu Maru

Sanrio created the Bad Badtz-Maru (Baddo batsu maru) character. He has spiky hair and is a penguin. His birthday falls on April 1st. The term “badtz” (batsu), which refers to the “X” symbol for an erroneous answer, is used in Japanese. “Maru” denotes a correct response and means circle or “O.” He is frequently portrayed by “XO.” In 1993, Bad Badtz-Maru was published. Although he has significantly fewer releases than Hello Kitty, he is a highly well-liked and significant figure. The official basketball mascot at the 2006 FIBA World Championship in Japan was named Badtz-Maru.


Despite having a wide range of facial expressions and stances, Badtz-Maru is best known for sticking out his tongue and pulling one eye down. He appears to be stuck in first grade forever, but when he grows up, he wants to be “the boss, of everything.” “He can be a little egotistical and likes to make fun of things. This cheeky little penguin enjoys fighting on the opposition’s side. His pastime is collecting images of movie villains played by A-list actors.” He indulges in pricey sushi in Ginza.

Friends And Family

The Badtz Twins and Tzunko, his younger siblings, reside in Gorgeoustown with his mother, pinball-playing father, and mother. Two of Badtz-closest Maru’s companions can frequently be seen with him: Hana-Maru, a male white seal, and Pandava, a female Giant Panda who always wears a short, frilly skirt.

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In addition to Hana-Maru and Pandaba, Badtz also enjoys close relationships with Kahme, a small blue turtle, Iruka, a white dolphin, Cameo, a small white bird, and Kobun (blue henchman of his father).

Clan XO

“X” or the cross denoting an incorrect response is known in Japanese as “badtz” (batsu). “Maru” denotes a correct response and means circle or “O.” His name so sounds like “wrong-correct,” and “XO” is usually used to symbolize it.

badtz-maru FACTS

Indeed, Badtz is the leader of the naughty XO clan together with his companions Pandaba and Hana-Maru.


Since his debut at Sanrio, Badtz-Maru has appeared in numerous product lines. Despite having far fewer releases than Hello Kitty, he is a common figure in practically all stores throughout the world. He has had several other personas throughout the years, including astronaut, motorcycle, DJ, camouflage monster, basketball player, and boxer. His offerings include both common office supplies (such as pens, notebooks, erasers, and pencil cases) and more unusual goods.


Bart Simpson, a character from the American animated series The Simpsons, and Badtz-Maru share the same birthday, which is April 1st (April Fool’s Day).


Kaori Harada, his second designer, was born on the same day as him. Basketball’s 2006 FIBA World Championship, which was played in Japan, has Badtz-Maru as its mascot. Additionally, unique items based on this occasion were made available. Badtz-Maru was referred to as Sanrio’s first “not nice” character when he was initially published in the Strawberry News May 1993 Issue.

Frequently Appeared

Badtz-Maru frequently appeared in the Chitty Chatty Strawberry column of the Strawberry News, where he and his friends (and occasionally family members!) discussed various subjects like Valentine’s Day and Christmas in comedic form.

Badtz-Maru also frequently appeared in  Hocus Pocus, a section of Chitty Chatty Strawberry where readers were given a set of instructions that were akin to spells and charms to try out in the hopes of achieving things like reconciling with a friend after an argument, curing stomach aches, and getting their crush to notice them.

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Readers could submit rumors for Badtz-Maru and his companions to investigate and either confirm or refute for a period.


After making his debut in May 1993, Badtz-Maru quickly rose to the top of the Sanrio Character Popularity survey, finishing third in 1994 before winning first place in 1996.

He is now the only Hisato Inoue character to have ever finished first, with Hangyodon coming in at number three.

What Does the Japanese Term Badtz-maru Mean?

image for the XO Clan singer Badtz Maru. “X” or the cross denoting an incorrect response is known in Japanese as “badtz” (batsu). “Maru” denotes a correct response and means circle or “O.” His name so sounds like “wrong-correct,” and “XO” is usually used to symbolize it.

Bad Badtz-maru Was Born in 1993

He was born on April 1st, which is April Fool’s Day.

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One of the few Sanrio characters targeted for both genders is him.

Who Is His Crush on Badtz-maru?

Kuromi has a crush on Badtz-Maru, as seen in Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures. The only Sanrio character with a skull, a jester’s cap, and a devil tail, in my opinion, is Kuromi.

badtz-maru FACTS (4)

Wait until you see what they’ve come up with for the theme parks, just in case the whole thing where she escaped from a dungeon and rode around on a flying tapir while granting wishes in order to resurrect an evil spirit in order to destroy her enemy (who she is essentially a duplicate of) wasn’t enough to tip you off to the fact that she’s a little odd.

Are Badtz-Maru and Hello Kitty related?

A male penguin with spiky hair named Badtz-Maru (, Baddo Batsu Maru) is one of the many characters made by the Japanese business Sanrio and created by Hisato Inoue in 1993. He has an attitude and is one of the few characters that is promoted to both genders, in contrast to the more well-known Hello Kitty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kuromi’s sister?

The series’ human protagonist. Uta, who was born on November 19, is My Melody’s first buddy. She is the first individual who has been harmed by Kuromi’s Melody Key. She has a younger sister named Koto who is a very cheerful girl and an older sister named Kanade who is a beautiful and well-liked senior high school student.

What is Kuromi’s personality type?

ENFP is Kuromi’s dominant personality type, much like in the anime. The internal story is largely unchanged, but her relationship with Haru has undergone a significant transformation. She is obsessed with him from the beginning of the manga, and it only becomes worse while she is in the hospital.

Does Hello Kitty appear in Onegai My Melody?

Hello Kitty as seen in the anime Onegai My Melody’s eye-catch screen. Sanrio’s mascot is Hello Kitty, also known as Kitty White. She can be seen in the first and second anime’s eye captures.

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