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Andre 3000 Profession, Art, Style and Interesting Facts

Jay Z isn’t the only Hip Hop musician that has declined to play at the Super Bowl. Outkast declined to perform in 2004 because André refused to play shorter versions of their songs. He demanded that they be given enough time to play their entire songs, or else no show would take place.

André was resistant to Big Boi’s attempts to persuade him otherwise. Instead, Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl, making it one of the most memorable moments in pop culture.

Andre 3000’s Art

André painted a lot of the artwork found on numerous Outkast CDs. During that period, he was even known to sell prints of his artwork on their website. André 3000, a loud-and-proud Georgian, has forged an artistic relationship with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

He and some of the school’s alumni have put together for I feel ya” 47 tailor-made jumpsuits emblazoned with three- to five-word phrases meant to elicit a knowing, nodding, smiling assent from the reader. “I love you… the plural” Another said, “I want to sleep.”

The mannequins lined up in a military formation on the showroom floor seemed to agree with one other, but most attendees only wanted to feel André.

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Andre 3000’s Favorite Artist

Andre 3000 (2)

During Outkast’s Coachella reunion performance, André took a moment to thank one of his favorite artists, Prince, who was backstage. André shattered a copy of Prince’s When Doves Cry because the b-side “God” scared him when he was a child, according to a little-known truth.

Andre agrees with his ex-girlfriend Erykah Badu on Cudi’s 2015 album Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven. Late last year, the soul singer mentioned the 26-track alternative album as one of her favorite projects.

Pimp Tricku Gangsta Clique

The Dungeon Family’s André, Ceelo Green, and Sleepy Brown planned to form a Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique sb-group. They mentioned the parody group in several of their previous projects’ skits.

They hope to write new songs and collaborate on a huge festival or tour in the future. But first, they played as the headliner at Atlanta’s ONE Musicfest for the sixth year.

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Andre 3000 Gave Up Smoking

Andre said in a 2003 interview with The Guardian that he stopped taking marijuana and drinking in 1998 after recognizing that the substance had taken over his life. “I was abusing it in a way.” I wasn’t in the best of shape. He explained, “I had a platinum album out and I would do things like go to [the] projects to get the pot.” He also revealed that he is a vegan in the same interview.

Andre 3000 And Big Boi

André considers Big Boi to be a superior rapper to himself. Big Boi, he said in an interview, exuded confidence that he lacked at the start.

During the conversation, in which he stated, “Big Boi can rap better than me – I always claimed that.” Despite the fact that he appreciated 3 Stack’s comment, he explained that they are “two sides of the same coin.”

“We’re on a level playing field. Nobody can stop us, whether we’re together or apart, and that’s not arrogance; it’s reality. “I respect what he said, but we’re on equal footing,” Big Boi remarked. “He’ll kill you, and I’ll annihilate you.”

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Andre 3000 Relationship

He had a relationship with Total’s Keisha Spivey. She is one of the two women that destroyed his heart and was the driving force behind his year-long celibacy.

He discussed the aftermath with Vibe Magazine, stating, “Do you recall the band Total? Keisha? We used to be friends in 1993… I was nearly celibate for a year after she broke up with me. I was completely messed up as a result of it. That was before my meeting with Erykah [Badu].”

Andre 3000 Own Style

Andre 3000 (1)

In 2008, he launched his own clothing line, Benjamin Bixby, which featured a totally different style of clothes than what was popular at the time, when most people wore large clothing and streetwear. Unfortunately, the line was a flop, and André lost millions as a result.

André 3000 has been independent for 30 years. Dré and Big Boi put Atlanta on the Hip-Hop map with their debut album, southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. Three Stacks’ legacy is unboxable. Benjamin Bixby is his fashion line, and he’s creative director at Tretorn.

Andre 3000 First Solo Film

Though it was released in tandem with Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx, The Love Below was technically his first solo album. André also envisioned his solo album as accompanied by a film. Fans can only imagine what The Love Below might have looked like onscreen, despite many of the songs featured in the film Idlewild.

André 3000 has returned to music but under his legal name. On the Everything Everywhere At Once soundtrack, he plays flute on Mitski and David Byrne’s “This Is a Life.” Moses Sumney solos on “Fence”; Randy Newman, Chris Pattishall, yMusic, and others also contribute. The album drops on April 8.

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Andre 3000’s Friend

André is not the only one in his family that is gifted. Greg Hawkins, his brother, is the great artist that designed the Aquemini cover. His stepfather played a harmonica solo on Outkast’s hit single “Rosa Parks” on the same album.

She added that while they co-parented throughout the years, they built a friendship, which they didn’t do when they were in a love relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

André 3000 Can Play How Many Instruments?

Saxophone, vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards

Is André 3000 A Devout Christian?

André Benjamin: My parents and I were southern Baptists. I grew closer to God when I left religion. Today, I have confidence without nonsense-spewers.

André 3000 Suffers From What Disease?

André also revealed during the chat that he was diagnosed with social anxiety and hypersensitivity disorder a few years ago, which has had an effect on his mental health. “I’ve prayed to a God I didn’t even know existed, saying things like, ‘I’d prefer you take this away from me,'” he admitted.

Why Did OutKast Decide To Cease Recording Music?

My attention is elsewhere. “I don’t have any faith in myself,” he admitted. “I do a lot of tinkering.” I’ll just go to a piano and put my iPhone down and record what I’m doing, moving my fingers and seeing what occurs, but I haven’t been inspired to work on a real project.”

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