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50 Scary Facts That Definitely Will Give You Nightmares!

Hello there, everyone! Do you enjoy being scared? I’m sure I do! I’m a sucker for a good horror film or true-crime podcast. Check your insides to see if you’re not a robot if these things don’t worry you. Just writing these made me feel uneasy!

Do you get shivers when you see creepy crawlies? When you saw Britney Spears perform with the snake, did you want to flee the room? Perhaps you enjoy reading gruesome historical narratives. Whatever makes you squirm, we’re confident that anything on this list will make you squirm. We know you like it; after all, you clicked this link, didn’t you? Have a good time and don’t become too terrified!

Facts That Are Creepy:

  • Are you afraid of germs? Make sure your phone is clean! It has ten times the number of germs as a toilet seat.
  • The majority of the dust in your home is made up of your dead skin. You lose more than eight pounds of skin each year, which collects in the corners of your home.
  • Demodex folliculorum, a specific mite that lives in your brows and feeds on dead skin, is a good example.
  • Sleep paralysis is a frightening condition that causes you to be awake but unable to move. Sleep paralysis patients frequently have devils in their heads.
  • If sleep paralysis wasn’t frightening enough, Locked-In Syndrome is much scarier! Locked-In Syndrome affects people who are completely aware but are in a coma-like state.
  • In the United States, one out of every three homicides goes unsolved.
  • Do you recall the Murder Hornets? Those have been discovered in Washington State once more.
  • Doctors discovered a fir tree sprouting in a man’s lungs, which may or may not be as frightening as The Happening.

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  • Perhaps the trees are seeking retaliation. To create toilet paper, we cut down 27,000 trees per year.
  • Some animals have the ability to foresee death. Oscar the Cat is well-known for his work with hospice patients. Oscar has an incredible ability to predict who is about to die and soothe them.
  • Every year, 41% of Americans are in debt due to medical expenses. That concept does not exist in any other developed country.
  • What could be scarier than the prospect of becoming homeless? Knowing that there are more unoccupied homes in the United States than homeless persons.
  • UVB-76, sometimes known as “The Buzzer,” is a radio station that may be haunted. It broadcasts low-frequency noise and only a few Russian transmissions. It began in the 1970s, but no one knows where it originated.
  • Mike, a chicken, survived for 8 weeks after his head was removed.
  • A murder is a collection of crows.
  • Human faces are recognized and remembered by crows.
  • Crows have been known to seek vengeance against those who have offended them. Don’t even think of messing with the crows!
  • Isn’t Paris a romantic city? What could be more romantic than tens of millions of human skeletons? The rains of about sixty million plague victims are buried in the Catacombs underneath Paris.
  • Near the category of bone-themed tourist sites, the Sedlec Ossuary in Kunta Hora, Czech Republic, is a Roman Catholic Church with decorations made of human bones. On your next vacation to Prague, be sure to check it out!
  • The Czechs weren’t the only ones who used bones in unusual ways! Human skulls were frequently utilized as cups and bowls by ancient Britons.
  • Mummies were eaten for medical purposes in the Middle Ages. It’s the primary reason why there aren’t many mummies left today.
  • Are you familiar with the Depression-era phenomenon of Dance Marathons? Couples would compete for cash prizes to see who could dance the longest. Unfortunately, people would occasionally pass out on the dance floor due to weariness.
  • I have bad news for you if you are afraid of the sea. As a result of climate change, our waters are experiencing unprecedented jellyfish outbreaks.
  • In terms of climate change, the summer of 2021 was the warmest in the United States to date.
  • In a single kiss, you share 80 million microorganisms. With that Tinder date, a fist bump would be a good idea.
  • The Ku Klux Klan, an American domestic terror organization, had a youth division called the “Ku Klux Kiddies” in the 1920s.
  • In northeastern Angola, scientists discovered a new species of tarantula with a horn on its back.
  • That does not make it safe to remain in the United States! In the United States, scientists have discovered 14 new species of tarantulas. One was named after Johnny Cash, an American singer.
  • When it comes to celebrities, did you know that actress Glenn Close grew up in a cult?
  • Doctors are pleading with people to avoid doing the Milk Crate Challenge, which has gone viral. They claim that falling over milk cartons causes more injuries than falling off a ladder.
  • Are you afraid of rats? Even worse is a rat king. It occurs when a group of rats get their tails entwined and become entangled. Ew!
  • Were you under the impression that squirrels were harmless because of their fluffy tails? They can also become squirrel monarchs when their tails become entwined.
  • According to a former FBI director, there are between 25 and 50 active serial killers in the United States at any given moment.
  • John Wayne Gacy, an American serial killer, had remained buried beneath his home. The bones of his victims melded together because they were buried together so tightly. It took two years to thoroughly separate the skeletons.scary facts

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  • To murder unsuspecting guests to the Chicago World Fair, HH Holmes, America’s first serial killer, built a “Murder Castle,” a hotel with secret rooms and gas chambers. He admitted to 27 murders, but many more are suspected.
  • The Winchester Rifle fortune’s Sarah Winchester was certain she was haunted. She created her mansion to be as perplexing as possible in order to confound the frightening spirits. The Winchester Mystery House is open to the public today.
  • It is a myth that your fingernails continue to grow after you die. Your skin loses moisture and pulls back, giving the appearance that your nails are still growing. To minimize the effect, funeral directors may apply moisturizer to the fingertips.
  • Do you know what embalmers do to bodies, by the way? They begin by draining all of the blood and replacing it with formaldehyde, and the process only gets uglier from there. Personally, I’d prefer to be buried in a natural setting.
  • Real skeletons used to be used as props in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Designers sought real elements from UCLA’s anatomy department when it was first built in the 1960s. Since then, the true skeletons have been properly buried.
  • This isn’t the only amusement park where a human body is used as decoration. In 1976, a TV team accidentally broke one of the hanging bodies in the Laff in the Dark attraction, revealing that it was actually a genuine body.
  • Untreated syphilis causes people to resemble zombies. During the Renaissance, swarms of untreated syphilis patients would wander the streets.
  • In 2008, a guy in rural Japan found that his food was going missing at night. When he placed the cameras, it was discovered that a woman was living in his home. She had been living there for months when she was discovered.
  • Did you realize that a beach umbrella has the potential to impale you? On the Jersey Shore, it happened to a woman.scary facts

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  • A parasitic brain worm has been discovered in Hawaii, and the state has issued a warning to visitors. Perhaps the beach isn’t quite as relaxing as it appears.
  • Before his arrest, his neighbors said Jeffery Dahmer was a really pleasant guy. He even used to bring them sandwiches, which may or could not have contained the meat of his victim.
  • Dennis Radner, also known as the BTK assassin, profited from his own insanity. He made a lot of money installing security systems for customers who were terrified of the BTK assassin.
  • The trash island in the Pacific is currently estimated to be 1.6 million square kilometers in size or twice the size of Texas.
  • The average person consumes around a Lego brick worth of microplastic in a month.
  • The teeth of a rat never stop growing.
  • According to cosmologists, the universe’s continual expansion could force it to disintegrate. The Big Rip is the name given to this notion.
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