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10 Amazing Facts About Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is arguably the best. Lil Wayne is an enigma. He’s an original wrapper. His mixtapes and LPs defy analysis. He’s done more guest spots than most rappers can dream of and is rich. He’s the CEO of Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records’ flagship artist.

Wayne Was First Known As Shrimp Daddy.

His first rap name was inspired by New Orleans bounce musician Pimp Daddy, who had a smashing track in the early-to-mid 1990s called “Gots Ta Be Real.”He Initially Used a Different Rap Name. Before landing on the one we know and love today, Lil Wayne went under a number of different stage identities.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is his true name, but it sounds more like an accountant or an insurance salesman than a hardcore rapper. Shrimp Daddy was his stage name before arriving on Lil Wayne. This moniker was a nod to fellow Cash Money artist Pimp Daddy, as well as a dig at his diminutive height.

He also went by the moniker Baby D for a spell, but it was short-lived.

Lil Wayne’s Net Worth Is $150 Million

Lil Wayne may be small, but he has a large financial account! This guy has a lot of stacks. The projected net worth of the 5’6″ rapper is $150 million. He’s had a string of chart-topping albums, redefined the mixtape game, and wisely invested his fortune. He’s also the first rapper since Tupac in the early 1990s to have an album debut at number one.

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 He Hasn’t Written Anything Down.

Since his 2002 10,000-bar freestyle, Lil Wayne hasn’t written down his rhymes. He thinks writing down rhymes makes them fake. He told GQ his philosophy:

“You could read it, right? Any reader could recite it. It’s diminished. If I say, “Rap for me,” he’ll respond. Whatever. I’ll love him by his presence. So I never rapped on TV. Rappers must rap after interviews. Please spit! Because the interview is so intriguing, they got Lil Wayne.


I always say I’m good because I’m myself and doing me. No one believes what I write anymore. Ex: If I was a bum and told you I had a mansion, three Bentleys, and 28 butt-naked women waiting for me, you wouldn’t believe me. “You stink, get out of my face, give him $100,” I’d say.

If a book suggested a bum had a mansion with 20 women, you’d utilize it in real life. So I don’t write anything. Because nothing written is to be believed, I don’t believe the Bible.”

Birth Name Is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.

Lil Wayne revealed that he deleted the “D” in Dwayne because “I’m a junior and my father is livin’… he’s never been in my life, so I don’t want to be Dwayne, I’d rather be Wayne” in an interview with Katie Couric. “He knows now,” Lil Wayne said when she questioned if his father was aware of the situation.

Lil Wayne has never had a good relationship with his biological father. Rabbit, his stepfather, is his real father to him. The rabbit was unfortunately assassinated before Lil Wayne became famous. Lil Wayne got a tattoo devoted to Rabbit as a way to remember him.

Accidentally Shot Himself

Lil Wayne almost died after he inadvertently shot himself in the chest when he was 12 years old. On report card day, he arrived home early from school and discovered a.9mm handgun on his bed. He began tinkering with it and unintentionally shot himself in the chest.

Despite the fact that the bullet miraculously missed all of his important organs, he shortly began bleeding out. Fortunately, an off-duty police officer called Robert Hoobler was able to save Lil Wayne’s life after responding immediately to the 911 call.

Lil Wayne And Birdman Are Friends

When Lil Wayne was nine years old, he became friends with Lil Slim and Birdman. They were both signed to Lil Wayne’s favorite record label, and he wasn’t afraid when they urged him to start rapping right away. They both signed him to Cash Money Records after he wowed them with his confidence and rhymes.

The first Album Of Lil Wayne


He created and produced an album called “True Story” after signing with Cash Money Records at the age of nine. It was released under the moniker “The B.G.’z,” a tiny rap trio consisting of Lil Wayne (then known as Baby D) and BG (aka Lil’ Doogie). When this album was released, Lil Wayne was only 11 years old.

Lil Wayne Carries A Gun

For as long as he’s been alive, Lil Wayne has been a proponent of gun rights. He’s been carrying a gun since he was 11 years old, in fact. His first firearm was a.32 Derringer, with rounds costing only a cent each. He’s become more vocal about gun violence in recent years. In an interview, he stated, “You reported that I was imprisoned in 2010 for possessing a weapon. That is something I would change if I could change anything in my life. My heart breaks for Sandy Hook Elementary.”

Lil Wayne Has Serious Health Problems

Lil Wayne’s health issues have been a prominent topic in the news for several years. He’s been to the hospital more times than you can count, and the headlines are always asking if he’s gone too far with the Sizzurp this time. Although part of his health problems is due to his way of living, he also has some underlying medical concerns that have tormented him for years. He made a statement in 2013 to straighten things up.

“The bad news is, guy, I’m an epileptic, so I’m prone to seizures,” he explained. “This isn’t the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh time I’ve had a seizure.” I’ve had several seizures, but you never hear about them. This time it was particularly severe because I had three of them in a row, the third of which caused my heart rate to drop to around 30%. Basically, I was on the verge of passing away. That’s why it was such a bad situation.”

 He Spends A Year At Rikers Island

Lil Wayne spent 242 days of his year-long sentence on firearms charges at Rikers Island. He did a wonderful job and was let out early due to his good behavior. He attributes his ability to pass the time in jail to the popular card game UNO.

For Lil Wayne, the prison wasn’t always easy, but he quickly acclimated. “Not to use the word ‘easy’ – but it wasn’t difficult as people might think, There’s the difficulty – mentally, just waking up every damn day in that mother——r. But if you get through that, everything will be OK.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lil Wayne’s Family Wealthy?

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., aka Lil Wayne, is an American rapper who became a top-selling musician in the early 21st century. He grew up in New Orleans’ 17th Ward.

Lil Wayne’s Daughter?

Regine Carter

Daughter Of Lil Wayne Married?

They remain excellent friends and raise their daughter together despite being divorced. Johnson and Memphitz married on June 18, 2011, in Atlanta.

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